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Shared Folder ProtectorShared Folder ProtectorShared Folder ProtectorShared Folder Protector


The Shared Folder Protector extends access control to file servers with powerful end-to-end encryption, enabling administrators to define access preferences for particular groups or somebody. This approach ensures that only authorized users can read or modify files to meet task separation, information sharing, and security requirements. VIEW MORE...


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Folder Protector and Video Copy Protection

Kaka Folder Protector is a powerful and easy to use folder protector. You can hide/encrypt any folder, including flash drives and removable hard drives. Three methods: block, encode, and encrypt folders. It depends on the stage of protection you require. Dynamic protection: Use powerful protection technology to effectively block/encrypt all your files. Portability: Folders can be protected on portable devices such as USB flash drives and removable hard drives. Security: Protected files are completely hidden and locked, non-erasable, non-removable, and completely inaccessible. VIEW MORE...


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Advanced Folder Encryption
Advanced Folder Encryption is Windows' fast data encryption and password protection software. At the same time, you can easily and reliably encrypt files, folders and passwords. It integrates directly with Windows Explorer to encrypt, decrypt, view and edit any file with just a few mouse clicks. VIEW MORE...